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Our Band

THE MARNE KELLEY BAND consists of Shawn Kelley/Shredding on those Drums, "In The Pocket," Lead Guitarist/Rick Chaffee, Rock the House Bassist/John Naylor, and Lead Vocalist/Keyboardist & Rhythm Guitarist:Marne Kelley. We are a Family-Friendly, Melodic/Pop-Rock Band, who all have hearts to sing and play for JESUS! For He IS the Reason We Live And Move, and have our being! (Acts 17:28) After a string of CD'S, events, Videos, (please Browse this website, listen to the music, watch the videos, look at the pic's, read About Us)The Marne Kelley Band is Currently promoting their latest Double CD/Bonus DVD, "Mad About You," which Includes the Awesome Title Track, "Mad About You," along with an array of Love Songs, a BattleCry Song, Honoring France's Patron Saint "Joan of Arc/ Jeanne D'Arc," another Power Rock Song, "There's No Place To Be," (1/2 In French) as well as Marne's Favorite: "Next To You," full of comfort and encouragement! There's a hint of Blues on the songs; "HIS Love Covers Me," "Another Day," And Marne's Soulful Rendition of "Amazing Grace!" Also a Handful of other songs for today: ("Since When,") yesterday, ("Shine On,")and..."Forever!"

The Marne Kelley Band, teamed up once again with Prof. Spelman Downer and Turquoise MultiMedia to film the Bonus Music Video, "Only You," and Special Thanks to: Spelman Downer, FilmCrew: My Niece; Rachelle Skidmore, Chris Brewster, Pete Wisda, Mike Bryant, Melissa Andersen, Mike Smalley, and Matthew Garrett on sound! Check out our other Music Videos with Turquoise MultiMedia here on! Also, please listen to previous CD'S of The Marne Kelley Band:"The Sword," "There's No Place To Be," And a whole arsenal of Marne's music over the years! Stay tuned for updates; return trip to Paris is in the future, and Events here at home in the U.S, are brewing! GOD BLESS YOU, and ROCK ON FOR HIM!

Marne Kelley ~ Vocals, keys, guitar

... Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter wrote her first song at 13! She has 17 CD's (including singles,) and Marne Kelley just recently completed her 17th Double CD/Bonus DVD, "Mad About You!" And she IS "Mad About You,"(LORD!)By far her BEST work yet, ALL GLORY TO GOD! The Title track,"Mad About You," is a Home run, Lyrically, Musically, and recorded with The Absolute Best Band Ever; (Shawn Kelley on Drums, Rick Chaffee on Lead Guitar, and John Naylor on Bass!) Also,The Best Recording & Sound Engineer on the planet, (Shawn Kelley)! Marne Kelley even breaks out of the box with a few Solo songs she's written and composed; The song, "Forever," is written based on Marne's Love for JESUS, and Shawn, Followed by her current events song of 2017, "Since When," with The Answer In The Song; (John 14:6 Chorus) And, even a Blues rendition of "Amazing Grace,"she plays on her Fender Strat Guitar!Recently Marne & Shawn Kelley went to Santa Monica (TY Marvelous Monica) & Hollywood, Label Shopping, with this latest "Mad About You," Double CD/DVD! (See pics on site) Romans 8:31! Also, a return trip to Paris /Europe/Tour Are in the future, we "wait in faith," and on Acts .1:7&8!

Marne Kelley now has 7) Music Videos (All but one here on website) and TREMENDOUS THANKS GOES OUT CONTINUOUSLY TO PROF, Spelman Evans Downer with Turquoise Multimedia! A Champion of Film, MultiMedia, and Giving Tirelessly and Sacrificially to ALL You come in contact with! The World Is A Richer Place with You, Spelman, in it! GOD BLESS YOU 100 FOLD!

The "Marne Kelley Band," joined forces with a Lifelong Friend, (Thank You, Sir Robert) and the M.O.M.S. "City of Hope Vinyl Covers Project, donating a "Marne Kelley Band "Live," version of "Forever Young!" (Photo and music clip on site) Plans are developing for events to perform together with other AWESOME BANDS, and stand, AND ROCK, for an AWESOME cause!!! Stay tuned!

Marne Kelley also gives a shout out to Bruce & Claudia Hamilton ( for this MOST INCREDIBLE WEBSITE! Bruce & Cloudia are Silent Giants for JESUS, quietly working Non-stop for JESUS, 24/7! They work this website as "unto to LORD," and have worked with Marne for 18 years! They WILL have MANY CROWNS TO LAY AT OUR PRECIOUS LORD JESUS' FEET! I COULD NOT BE MORE PROUD OF THIS WEBSITE, AND THANKFUL FOR TWO OF "THE MOST" BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE THIS WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN!

A Note (🎶) of GREAT THANKS ALSO, To my PRECIOUS NIECE, GODS MASTER PIECE, Rachelle Maureen Skidmore! You have an ANOINTING ON YOU, by THE HOLY ONE! The photography (Rock Angel Productions) you captured IS DIVINE! A DIVINE GIFT, JUST LIKE YOU! And Sandra Dee, your MIRACLE WORK On Final Graphics got us thru to Finish! GOD BLESS YOU!

The "Marne Kelley Band," has been RICHLY HONORED to perform with Patron Saints; Steve & Duffy Cook of Joshua Tree's, "The Way Station,"Outreach, each Nov, where 500 Turkey's (And all that goes with it,) are given out In Jesus Name! The Cooks have given Out 100's of 1,000's of pounds of food to the least, the last, and the lonely for Over 3 decades! They both should receive "Medals of Honor!" I Know JESUS SAYS "WELL DONE," And we join in! Steve Cook Is one AWESOME Guitar Player, Singer, Powerhouse for CHRIST, and Duffy too!(See pics on site)

The "Marne Kelley Band," and Marne Kelley as a Solo Artist, Or Special Guest: Opera Singer/Worshipper; Rosa Sadowski (She trains the birds how to sing!) Have performed and played, first Sat., of Dec, "Live," down the streets of Palm Canyon In Palm Springs, Calif, for the "Annual Festival of Lights Parade," for almost 10 Years! 80-100,000 attend, and our float has grown to Two Angels; Beautiful Lupe Naylor & Precious Niece Jaylee, Our Warrior for JESUS: Sir Robert of Wallace, Chauffeuring us in his red truck/sleigh, with Beautiful & Handsome Banner Carriers: Niece's: Tara, Kelley, Nephews: Jared & Freddy, and ANGELIC CHRIST•MAS Wagoneer's: Alyssa Dawn & Jaylynn, Together we Are a Powerful Team, reminding everyone JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!

Marne Kelley has been Honored to sing On CHRISTMAS DAY, (Now, in Honor of Mara Cantelo's )"Tender-Loving Christmas," event, hosted this year by the Lovely Sherrie Karr, (DJ: Z107.7fm,) where a few thousand meals And gifts are given out, IN JESUS NAME! How perfect, on HIS Birthday! It was Mara Cantelo's wish & prayer that No One Be Alone one Christmas Day! May her Legacy Live On! Stay tuned For info!

Last, but Not least: there is a "possibility,"The "Marne Kelley Band," will be in the 2019 Pasadena's Rose Parade. Marne has been knocking on this door for quite some time. Please Pray for us? HE OPENS DOORS NO ONE CAN SHUT!


Shawn Kelley ~ Drums

...Shawn Kelley, drummer extraordinaire! Began playing drums performing such Hollywood venues as: "Gazarries,"The Whiskey," and, "The Ice House," with former band, "Airborne!" Former member of the Bands,"Pecavvi,"and "Seeker," Shawn moved on and joined, The "Marne Kelley Band," in 2000. In 2002 Shawn Kelley Produced & Sponsored the "Arise America Arise/Marne Kelley National Tour across America, honoring Sept.11, kicking off the tour playing drums at Mandalay Bay/Vegas/House of Blues Courtyard, ending with "Marne Kelley," singing at the Capitol in Washington D.C! Shawn Kelley is Executive Producer of all 17 CD's (including Singles) & 7 DVD's (along with Turquoise Multimedia) of Marne Kelley! Sound/Recording Engineer, Mixing/Mastering as well many Marne Kelley songs, including, "There's No Place To Be". Shawn Kelley completed Mixing & Mastering "There's No Place To Be,"Title song 1/2 in French, With the "Marne Kelley Band," August 2013, then traveled to Paris, France, August 2013, with the "Marne Kelley Band!" (See pics on Our Band/Events page)

Recently, Shawn Kelley, Executive Producer and Recording Engineer, Mixed and Mastered the Marne Kelley Band's latest Double CD/Bonus DVD,"Mad About You," and is a contributing BMI writer on the new songs; "Mad About You," and "Only You," which he also Stars in the "Only You," Bonus Music Video! Shawn's Resilient LOVE for JESUS, his wife,This Music, And sharing this music, IS the POWERFUL FORCE OF CHRIST IN him, the HOPE OF GLORY! He, Shawn plays his drums Magnificently for HIM! Shawn Kelley has been Label Shopping with Marne recently in Hollywood, (see pics on homepage) and has a Fervent desire for the world to hear the Priceless music GOD has given us! With GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!"Shine On," for JESUS!

Rick Chaffee ~ Lead Guitar

... Rick began playing lead guitar as a teenager. Currently, he is in high demand with his exceptional guitar skills ranging from, Blues & Country, to Melodic Pop Rock! Former member of the Rock Band, "Interstate,"he is now playing with many bands, the "Marne Kelley Band," being one of them! Rick Chaffee has also starred in seven "Marne Kelley Band" music videos. Rick Chaffee is a writer as well, having co-written the music on "My Heart Sings," and "Another Day," for the CD, "There's No Place to Be."Rick Chaffee traveled to Paris, France, 2013, with The Marne Kelley Band, and a return Tour is in the future! Rick recently knocked it out of the park with Dynamic leads on their latest Double CD/Bonus DVD, "Mad About You!" Rick is a contributing BMI writer on the Latest Tracks, "Mad About You, & Only You," and he also Stars in the "Only You," Music Video, Close-up footage is Awesome! Rick Chaffee is a tremendous musician, friend, Bro, and Christian, a True asset to the Marne Kelley Band! He looks forward to whatever the LORD has in store for the future of The Marne Kelley Band, and taking this Music Gift to the world! Rick Chaffee got saved in 1991 & thanks HIS LORD & SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST, for giving him the ability to play & minister HIS Word thru music!

John Naylor ~ Bass Guitar

... John, "God's Beloved," is the newest member of the "Marne Kelley Band!" Playing bass for years, he is formerly of the Band, "Interstate." John Naylor is a writer as well, having currently written the music for the "Marne Kelley Band's, " latest songs, "My Heart Sings," and "Another Day!" John Naylor starred in the music video of "My Heart Sings," with the "Marne Kelley Band," traveled to Paris, France, August of 2013, A return Tour to Paris IS in the future, meanwhile, after completing 2) CD's and 3) Music Videos with the "Marne Kelley Band," John Naylor soars to new heights on that Beautiful Blue Bass on the Brand New "Mad About You," Double CD/DVD! John is also a contributing BMI writer on the Songs; "Mad About You & Only You!" and Stars in the Bonus Music Video: "Only You!" John Naylor completes The Marne Kelley Band," with a Driving/Power /Bass Rhythm, Joyful Attitude, (Dancing with joy after recording Bass on "Mad About You,") And a Holy & Humble Love and Reverence for his LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST! John Naylor thanks his Loving Wife, Lupe, And Thanks Marne Kelley for giving him the opportunity to play For JESUS!