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Happy Spring Everyone! The Season for Singing has come! The Marne Kelly Band; Rick Chaffee/Lead Guitar; Shawn Kelley/Drums; John Naylor/Bass & Marne Kelley/Vocals/Keys, recorded last night... Their latest New Title Song, "Mad About You!" (LORD!) New CD/DVD completes early spring! Thank You Turquoise MultiMedia Filmcrew for the Music Videos, and Desertmoon Arts for this AWESOME WEBSITE! Stay tuned... And STAY CLOSE TO JESUS! As Ann Graham Lotz spoke at her Dad, Billy Graham's Celebration of Life Service, Feb. 21, 2018, when her Dad stepped into heaven, is the SAME DAY the Jewish people celebrate and remember Moses death! Billy Graham a type of Moses, then Joshua led the people into the Promised Land. Joshua leading people into Promised Land, symbolic of JESUS leading Us into heaven! The rapture (snatching Up of all Believers) can happen any second? Are you Ready? Ask Jesus .... into your heart now, as your Personal LORD & SAVIOUR, and you'll have No Doubt! LOVE & PRAYERS COVER YOU, and Thanks for visiting the site! On Fire 4 HIM, Marne & the Band!!!

The Sword Our latest album

The Sword
Want This Love to Soar
Joan of Arc
There's No Place To Be
Next to You
Shine on
My Heart Sings
New Day Coming
His Love Covers Me
Don't you Know
Another Day
He is Coming Soon

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Next to You

The Sword

Joan of Arc

There's No Place to Be

Want This Love to Soar

Marne Kelley Band ~ Forever Young ~ donates to M.o.m.s. City of Hope Vinyl Covers Project

Listen to Marne - "Forever Young"
Lyrics for "Since When"

Since when's fighting for what's right, become politically wrong? Didn't someone say, Can we all just, just get along?" Yeah, well I'm not into religion, I'm into relation with the God of all the universe. An there ain't no doubt about it, yeah, you better get right, you better get right. Since when, we can never, never let, let evil win, No, since win we can never , never let, let the evil win! No! Since when's beheading become norm, blowing innocents, innocence to bits! Yeah, you better get wise, to the devil's clever lies, deceiving to terrorize. False religions, false news, false gods well they're running loose. It's a worldwide epidemic of what's false, does anyone tell the truth?......... Yeah, I'm the way, I'm the truth, you can come to GOD by me, you can come to GOD by me, He says, " I'm the way, I'm the truth, you can come to GOD by me, you can come to GOD by me,", I'm the way, I'm the truth, you can come to GOD by me, you can come to GOD by me! Yeah! In a world gone mad! He said, “Desperately!”......... Since when, we can never, never let, let the evil win. No, since when, we can never, never, let the evil win! Cause we’re Americans, and if GOD be “for” us, tell me who could be against us, we win! To all the nations, if GOD be “for” us, who could be against us, we win! Yeah! I’m the way, I’m the truth, you could come to GOD by Me, you could come to GOD by Me, He says, “I’m the way, I’m the truth, you could come to GOD by Me, you could come to GOD by Me.” He says, “Desperately, Desperately, in a world gone mad, in a world gone mad,” Yeah! In a world gone mad, He says, “Desperately, Desperately!” I’m the way, I’m the truth, you can come to GOD by Me, you can come to GOD by Me, Yeah!... Jesus - (John 14:6)
Listen to Marne - "Since When"

Marne Kelley Band on earlier tour trip to Paris, France. We'll be Back! Date & Time: TBA

Marne Kelley was so very honored to meet Naghmeh Abadeeni in October 2015. Marne was able to give Naghmeh two cups (one for her, one for Pastor Saeed) and prayed with the world for his "SOON AND VERY SOON" release! 3 months later, our prayers answered! THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Festival of Lights Parade, Palm Springs, California

Dec 2, 2017, The "Marne Kelley Band," Top: Bass Player: John Naylor, w/Beautiful Wife/Angel; Lupe Naylor, Front: Lead Guitarist, Rick Chaffee, Drummer/Sound Engineer, Shawn Kelley, Lead Singer/Keyboardist: Marne Kelley at Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade! Happy Bday JESUS

Shawn Kelley/Drummer/Marne Kelley Band, with Angel in White, Lovely niece, Jaylee, 12/2/17 "Festival of Lights Parade" Angel Costume Hand Crafted by: Teri Meine Masterpieces

Rt to Lft; John Naylor on Bass, Shawn Kelley/Drummer, Sir Robert of Wallace (Heavenly Bro & Chauffeur) & Marne Kelley, prior to parade. 12/2/17

Marne Kelley Band Banner Carriers; Nephew: Freddy, daughter, Alyssa, nieces: Jaylyn, in front, Angel/Jaylee in back, and Beautiful Blonde Niece, Tara. LOVE U ALL SOO! 12/2/17

Good photo from previous year's Festival

Marne Kelley Band Banner Carriers: Awesome Nephew, Jared with wife, (Awesome Niece,) Kelly & Uncle Shawn Kelley/Drummer 12/2/17

Way Station Concert/Outreach, Joshua Tree, California

Classic Shot from 2016 ~ Left to Right: John Naylor/Bass; Special Guests: Michael Gilmore & Johnny Lostlen/Lead Guitars, Rick Chaffee/Lead Guitar, 11-22-2016

Pastor Steve Cook heads up another Successful "WAY STATION," Concert/Outreach, Nov 21, 2017, Joshua Tree, Calif. 5-600 Turkeys Given out, and he led all to pray and ask JESUS into their hearts! YAY!

Powerful Warrior and Wife, Duffy Cook LOVES on all the hundreds of people attending! AWESOME COUPLE IN JESUS, STEVE & DUFFY COOK! 34 years in ministry! WELL DONE, HE says! (Matt 25:23)

Awesome Husband/Sound Engineer & Drummer/Shawn Kelley 11/21/17 ~ The "Way Station Concert/Outreach"

The "Marne Kelley Band," welcomes Special Guest; Johnny Lostein on Steel Guitar (in JESUS hat) who did Awesome, John Naylor on Bass, Shawn Kelley on Drums, And, Marne Kelley/Lead Vocals, Keys & Strat!

Good photo from previous year's Festival

Shawn Kelley/Drums, Special Guest on Slide Guitar: Johnny Lostein About Our Fathers Business 11/21/17 Joshua Tree, Calif. Rock on 4 HIM!

Naghmeh Abedini, wife of imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini - "Fight the Good Fight.", says Naghmeh! Please contact: http://save

Melinda, Tina, Marne Kelley, Pat Michaels (DeeJay @ Z107.7FM)and Jewely, saying "Thanks!" For playing Marne's music!

Marne Kelley with Dear Bro in CHRIST, Mike Mason! Dee•Jay for KNLB 95.1FM Lake Havasu! GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!

(first image) Left: John Naylor: Bass, Middle: Shawn Kelley: Drums, Right: Rick Chaffee: Lead Guitar … (second image) Marne Kelley with Arvee Robinson (International Author & Speaker Christian Women Who Rock) with "Marne Kelley Band," in background.